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Structured Literacy Intervention

Guaranteed Success

We work with clients, using the Lexercise platform to provide exceptional structured literacy instruction targeted to their needs. Lexercise is an Orton-Gillingham literacy curriculum.

Click on this link to take a free dyslexia screening test and learn more about the Lexercise Guarantee and reading and writing programs. Get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve your literacy and language arts goals and achieve immediate results.

Direct, Explicit and Differentiated Instruction for Math Recovery and Mastery

Catch up and perform better

Unleash the Power of Literacy in Math! Enhance Problem-Solving, Comprehension, and Logical Thinking Skills. Our Integrated Approach Fosters Math Success through Reading and Language Exploration.

Providing systematic and differentiated mathematics instruction using evidence-based interventions for clients with learning difficulties at the elementary and secondary levels. Sessions are designed to ensure students understand foundational concepts and through daily practice develop independence and mastery at their own pace. 

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Student Learning Mathematics

Special Education Consultancy

Expert Guidance

Conducting educational assessments, developing individualized educational plans, curricula, and continuing professional development services that are geared towards engendering inclusive learning environments for students with learning differences. We support teaching and learning in virtual and face-to-face environments and provide instructional support and materials for teacher training.

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