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Summer Programs

Intensive Academic Language and Literacy Summer Program Now Available! 

LitNum Connections year-long and summer reading programs are designed to help struggling readers and students diagnosed with a reading disorder.

If your child is struggling with reading or needs some additional support, sign up for our Intensive Academic Language and Literacy Support Summer Program.

We offer two different program options delivered in-person and online:

An in-person or virtual eight-week program (Mon- Fri: June 5 – July 30) or


The program targets five essential components of effective reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Learners will work to improve reading, writing, and spelling skills in a very structured, multi-sensory manner.  

Students attend a 1:1 hour long Language and Reading Lab with a Certified Structured  Literacy and Dyslexia Specialist, one day a week and a 20-minute clinician supported skills session on the Lexercise portal on four other days. 

This experience is designed for students with a diagnosis of dyslexia or other reading or learning issue. The Intensive programs are also useful for students that do not yet have a diagnosis but have reading, spelling, and writing struggles, and may be academically behind (by half a year or more) their same-age peers. 


Spaces are limited. Sign up now!​​


Social Skills Group

Current clients who indicate an interest in social skills development will be enrolled in these online sessions. Attendees will be grouped by grade/school level. They will benefit from developing skills in conflict resolution, problem-solving, social communication and etiquette, self-regulation, and improved relationships with siblings and peers.

Once you have selected and paid for any of the service offerings, please register your interest below.

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